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Pedral Blanco

Tasting Notes

This wine has a pale yellow colour with golden shades. Its aroma reminds of ripen fruit. When first tasting it is light and dry, then gets fresh and dry again and after taste is absolutely convincing.

Winery: Santa Marta,S.A.T.
Wine Name: Pedral Blanco
Wine Type: White
Harvest: 2018
D.O.: Valdeorras
Disposal: December 2018

Origin: Own vineyards and vineyards controlled by Valdeorra´s area vine-growers.
Orography: Hillsides at an altitude of 400 to 600 metres
Weather: Mediterranean-Oceanic.

Grape Varieties: Palomino y Godellon.
Age of strains: 35 years.
Cultivation techniques: Spalier and cordon system of prunning.
Vintage: Handmade, at the best moment of ripening, and into boxes of not more than 20 kg.
Date Vintage: Mid september.

Elaboration: Controlled fermentation at 15ºC.
Bottles: 20.000 bottles.

Analytical Datas

Alcohol: 12 %