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Godello Barrica

Tasting Notes

The wine is the result of Godello´s grape variety fermentation into different American, French and Caucasian oak barrels. During six months it is matured over its own lees. It is a bright straw coloured wine. Complex on the nose, standing out good intense aromas that remind of exotic fruit, honey and roasted shades as a consequence of its contact with oaks.

Winery: Santa Marta,S.A.T.
Wine Name: Godello Barrica
Wine Type: White
Harvest: 2016
D.O.: Valdeorras
Disposal: August 2017

Origin: Own vineyards and vineyards controlled by Valdeorra´s area vine-growers.
Orography: Hillsides at an altitude of 400 to 600 metres.
Weather: Mediterranean-Oceanic.

Grape Varieties: Godello 100%.
Age of strains: 25 years.
Cultivation techniques: Spalier and cordon system of prunning.
Vintage: Handmade, at the best moment of ripening, and into boxes of not more than 20 kg.
Date Vintage: Mid september.

Elaboration: Special soaking at low temperatures for ten hours. Fermentation into American and French oak barrels. The ageing is obtained during six months into oak barrels and over the wine´s own lees.
Bottles: Limited production up to 1.800 bottles.

Analytical Datas

Alcohol: 13%