Getting there

Santa Marta was set up in 1998 as the result of the union of two young wine growers, who were born in this area surrounded by vineyards and who, despite their youth have had a ten year experience in other winery.

They both had one main objective that was no other than making quality wines with their own personality. They already had a vineyard, the knowledge acquired from his parents and grandparents and a good training in all that has to do with wine growing new technologies.

Santa Marta is a family winery with the following maxim: every single wine is taken care with great tenderness and determination.

It is in 1999 when its first wines were revealed. Not many wineries can boast of having obtained the prize ACIO DE ORO, when just being put in the market and in the first analysis by experts. Santa Marta can do so and moreover, the ACIO DE ORO is just one of the many prizes that this winery has obtained all along the years.

On its first year of life, Santa Marta elaborated 30.000 l. of wine. Currently, it produces 250.000 l.

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